Eco & Sustainable Fabrics

Here is a list of websites that provide:

Organic, Ethical, Fair trade, Recycled, Zerowaste, Sustainable, Made Locally fabrics etc.

It feels like there can be criticisms of every option out there but please remember that these companies are working hard to provide options and that perfection is a work in progress……..

Organic Textile Company

A wonderful company with a friendly and open approach, based in Wales (Machynlleth ), they import their own Organic cottons, and also have ranges of linens, bamboo and occasionally wool and silk.

Offset Warehouse

Leaders in education and fabrics within sustainable fashion, they have a wonderfully diverse range of ethical fabrics. If you are interested in developing your own sustainable business there is the Members Club, with access to educational video’s by Charlie Bradley Ross (the owner) and networking events.

The African Fabric Shop

This company has an emphasis on ethical trading and sourcing from artisans. Magie Relph imports fabrics, button, beads, bags (and more) from many sources, she describes thoroughly her ethos here.

The Sewing Retreat

Some beautiful organic cotton laces, fabrics and haberdashery including threads and zips! A lovely simple website that’s easy to navigate.

Ada & Ina

This website is not advertised as specifically sustainable, but with a vast array of linens it is worthy of a place on the list. Linen is biodegradable and does not need the same levels of chemicals to be grown, there is a more thorough explanation here.

The Hemp Shop

The idea of hemp may bring up images of rough brown fabric that is a little to ‘good’ for it’s own good! These fabrics are a mixture or soft jerseys 7 fleeces, shimmering satins, alongside heavier denims, twills and canavases. Not the cheapest of fabrics but definitely worth some consideration. This website also holds many other wonderful products made from hemp, so give yourself some time to browse.

Alongside the above websites there are many other fabric shops with a range of organic cottons:

Stoff & Stil

My Fabrics

Ray Stitch

Oh and if you’re are interested in designing your own prints then Contrado do a small range of organic fabric, they even do a recycled fabric called Gaia. Contrado print digitally, which means they can print any quantity, in turn creating less waste.

*If there are any companies that I haven’t listed that sell sustainable fabrics, please get in touch so I can add you to the list. I get lots of emails from people/companies trying to source sustainable options. Also if anyone knows of some sources for sustainable stretch fabrics or recycled fabrics I’d like to add them to this page.