Website Links


Showstudio: Exciting and endless, investigate this mammoth website to your hearts content. Click on the link and discover some downloadable patterns from some high-end designers.

Facehunter: The wonderful archive of photographer Yvan Rodic, who spent years documenting the individual street style of strangers.

TED: This is the site that holds a never ending supply of inspirational talks from amazing people, as well as a pretty interesting selection of talks on fashion and sustainable clothing.


Timo Rissanen: Technically brilliant and particularly focused on Zero Waste Pattern Cutting.

Maison Martin Margiela: The curious and concept based fashion house, one of my favourites.

Hussein Chalayan: A Designer that challenges ideas and pushes boundaries – look through hispast seasons and relish in his genius.

Christopher Raeburn: Re-appropriating military fabrics into modern fashion, mens and womenswear.


The Guide to Sustainable, Zero-waste, Ethical Weddings: An in-depth resource about positive environmental impact of sustainable weddings. For anyone planning there wedding day, this offers a thoroughly detailed look at every aspect you could think of, of the big day.

FutureLearn is a fantastic platform that offer free online courses from top universities and cultural institutions, including a great range of fashion courses.
“Whether you already work in fashion and want to improve your understanding, or are simply fascinated by it and want to know more, FutureLearn’s online fashion courses measure up perfectly.”

Centre for Sustainable Fashion: LCF ( London College of Fashion) has an MA in Fashion Futures ( Fashion & the Environment) the website, linked to the course, collates lots of useful and interesting information on the development of Sustainable Fashion.

Environmental Justice Foundation: A great source of information and a great organisation.


Sew La Di Da Vintage: Caroline Smith creates fabulous, easy to use vintage-inspired sewing patterns sized to modern sizing. Alongside the patterns she sells beautiful printed fabrics (designed in-house) and runs workshops by the sea.

Rebecca Street: Beautiful, ethical luxury fashion and wedding dresses.

Sustainable (ish): The wonderful Jen Gale challenged herself (and her family) to a year of not buying anything new, and she blogged about it. This website has developed from her original blog and provides a rich resource for anyone wanting to become a little bit more sustainable.