Zero Waste Fashion Talk

Charlie Ross founder of Offset Warehouse has contributed to the newest Safia Minney ( founder of People Tree) book ‘Slave to Fashion’. In celebration of this Charlie has organised a day of making and learning.  Her contribution to the book is a section on Zero Waste Fashion and if you come along to the day (or buy the book) you’ll get instructions on how to make your very own Zero Waste Dress. 

I have been asked, as one of three people, to provide a small talk and a little more knowledge & light to the subject. To accompany this I wanted to provide a collection of links to books, videos , downloads, websites, for people to further their knowledge, share and explore:






    Over the last few years I’ve created a few blog posts for Offset Warehouse:

      I think that might be enough to begin with. Any suggestions for more links are much appreciated and I will endeavour to add any more I find. 

      For now, explore, experiment &  make sure you have fun.

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