The Social and Psychological Impact of Fashion……….


I wanted to write a blog post about the social and psychological impact of fashion and the clothing we wear.

The problem is it is such a huge subject and there are so many topics to discuss. So for now, I have thought up a few dissertation titles to stew over, plus a few links I’ve found whilst browsing the depths of the internet:


The conditioning of body image within clothing and the fashion industry. The manipulation of the sizing system and the effect this non-standardized scale has on self confidence.


Following Fashion: the idea of being in or out of fashion, what effect this has on girls growing up today, the forever changing goalposts of being fashionable and the financial implications.


Can the clothing we wear have a therapeutic and healing influence on our mind and body?  Whilst looking from both a scientific viewpoint and other cultural influences. 


Feminism within fashion.  The development of fashion in history; how clothing has impacted the physical body and the representation of the female form.


The practicalities of keeping our body protected and warm vs. the cultural, creative and innovative influences of fashion design. What is our relationship to what we wear?


In a culture where slavery is unacceptable and we continue to work on environmental issues, when will the clothing we consume catch up to the morals we have set?


The future of fashion, how will what we wear develop: will science push clothing into the world of gadgetry and all encompassing control, will future resources dictate the ability to consume fashion at the levels we do today.


Creativity on an individual level: the historical value of creating your own bespoke clothing, how today we are culturally separate from the processes of making.



  • What Size am I?  A webpage brought to you by Anna Powell-Smith, a web developer specialising in data analysis. The website allows you to see the variations between high-street shop sizes, these are all based on the size guide each shop provides, and on top of this the shape of a garment can alter the fit considerably. Why did she collate this data? Because she “decided it was too difficult to work out dress sizes in shops”.


  • Jessi Arrington is a Graphic Designer that loves colour!  She has a website called and the joy of wearing ‘nothing new’ – in the TEDtalk she explains how she packed nothing for 7 days except for underwear – and found clothes for each of the 7 days by visiting ‘thrift’ stores’.


  •  Clothing has a fascinating history, if you are interested in the innovation of Fashion – just have a look at what amazing innovative techniques they came up with in the past. How about constructing textiles – who first wove or knitted to make something other than skin? Initially we wanted to protect our bodies and then we got creative and extreme.


  • Studio XO operates at the intersection science, technology, fashion and music.” As a company, they work on innovative concepts that fuse fashion with new technologies and scientific developments.









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