Zero Waste Fashion



above: Holly McQuillan, Wolf/Sheep Pattern.

The concept:

To create clothing without producing any waste.

When any garment is made, it is created out of shapes (pattern pieces) that are cut from fabric.

Fabric is woven at certain widths; different types of fabrics tend to have particular widths. Waste fabric is a constant element of clothing design.

With exception:

In Zero Waste pattern pieces are created as a jigsaw, clothing is created with fabric being a fundamental part of the design. Although at first this way of working may seem restrictive to the design process, actually it gives freedom from standard shapes and ways of working. With Zero Waste designers have to be innovative, intelligent and inventive with the fantastical patterns they create.


Some key designers in Zero Waste design:

note. lots of these designers offer free downloadable patterns to play with.

Yeohlee Teng

Julian Roberts

Timo Rissanen

Holly McQuillan

Mark Liu

David Telfer


and if you have time here’s a very beautiful and quiet Video from Timo Rissanen website:


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